The Norm & The Limits

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The Norm & The Limits

Post by ForexStream » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:46 pm

The default risk level has been optimised for the minimum recommended £3500 balance accounts to ensure that the expected yearly return of 250% is achieved in a safe and steady manner.
Anything up to 25% is considered a usual working drawdown, however, most weeks it oscillates below 10%.
Since November 2016, the average floating drawdown has been as low as 19.29%.

It is highly unlikely that the drawdown exceeds 50% at any time. The probability of that happening is only 3.3%.
However, since there are no guarantees in the market, in order to protect your account from an excessive loss, ForexSignalStream recommends that you apply an equity protection tool, closing all trades if the drawdown exceeds 50%. You will get one anyway, once you subscribe to ForexSignalStream.

With stringent risk control and equity protection assured, you can enjoy substantial account growth every year.
Here are the latest performance stats from ForexSignalStream, since November 2016:
If you start with a balance that is a multiple of £3500, you have a choice to either increase the initial lot size to reflect the default risk level, or keep the lot size at the minimum, thus decreasing your risk.
In either case, please contact ForexSignalStream to discuss the lot size multiplier most suitable for your account balance and leverage.
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