Leverage Counts

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Leverage Counts

Post by ForexStream » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:26 pm

The minimum starting balance, allowing you to safely copy ForexSignalStream trades, strictly depends on your account leverage. The higher the leverage, the lower the starting balance required. See the table below.
Theoretically, you could start with as little as £1800 (or its equivalent in any other currency). But, a) you would need a reliable broker, offering a 1:1000 leverage, and b) your risk would potentially be unlimited - a 'kamikaze' account, in other words. Doable, but very risky.
Hence the recommendation of the £3500/1:500 option on my website - there are quite a few good brokers in that leverage bracket for sure, while the £3500 starting balance ensures both a fairly low entry level and reasonable risk parameters.

ForexSignalStream does not support any particular broker at this point. Please do your own research.

If you already have a preferred broker, please make sure you have the right account type:
5-digit MT4 standard account (1.00 lot = 100.000); 2-3 pips max spread on majors (including commissions); EAs and hedging allowed; minimal lot size 0.01; minimum leverage 1:500.
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